5 Things We Learned From Preseason Week 2

  1. Christian McCaffrey is the Real Deal




I’ll be honest, I was slight doubter about McCaffrey dominating carries in Carolina, but he’s proven me wrong. Week 1 of the preseason was a solid outing, but in week 2 of the preseason he sealed his fate. He rushed 3 times for 33 yards and a touchdown and hauled in 2 catches for 39 yards. Jonathan Stewart will probably be listed as the starter on the depth chart, but Stewart will only be managing the first down carries. McCaffrey has shown that he can run north and south, not just east and west. Cam Newton is most likely going to line up in the shotgun formation for the majority of the offensive plays and McCaffrey compliments that formation extremely well. McCaffrey truly has shown that he can do it all. In mock drafts he’s been going around the 3rd-4th rounds, which I believe is the correct ADP for him. If you have a zero running back strategy or are looking to draft running backs a little bit later, I would be ok with grabbing McCaffrey as your RB1. He’s got great upside and will definitely make the most of the touches he’s given.


  1. Dalvin Cook Has Made Latavius Murray Irrelevant


NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks


I’ve forgotten who Latavius Murray is… Cook has looked simply amazing. The injury to Murray has let Cook take the position of lead back for the Minnesota Vikings. This past preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks he had 7 carries for 40 yards and 1 reception for 10 yards. No, he didn’t get in the end zone, but the whole offense is centered around Cook. He averaged 5.7 yards per carry against the Seahawks defense! If he can manage to do this in Seattle against Seattle, then he will be more than dominant against the other NFL teams.

In addition, Sam Bradford is basically a doppelganger of Alex Smith and doesn’t like throwing touchdowns or for more than 10 yards per attempt. This means that Bradford will rely heavy on the run game and dump the football off to his safety release, which is Dalvin Cook. This offense might not look good offensively, but the Vikings want to establish that old football mentality of running the football and playing solid defense. Cook will be used a lot and fantasy owners should feel at ease with placing him in your starting lineups.


  1. Jared Goff Might Have Some Game In Him




Goff might have been the most surprising performance of preseason week 2. He went 16/20 with 160 yards and 1 touchdown against the Oakland Raiders. The Rams offense looked pretty fluid, which isn’t normal to see. I still have my doubts and concerns with Goff, but this was a step in the right direction. He has all the right tools in front of him with Gurley, Watkins, and a good coaching staff. Maybe we will see why the Rams chose him number 1 overall over Carson Wentz.

However, let’s not jump the gun just yet, this is the Rams we are talking about…


  1. Allen Robinson Should Fall In Drafts




I don’t know what the hell is going on in Jacksonville, but I’m staying far away from it. None of the quarterbacks look ready to start. I’ve watch the past 2 preseason games and both Blake Bortles and Chad Henne look dumbfounded after every series. The Jaguars need to move on and cut all quarterbacks on their roster and go sign Kaepernick. Since the quarterback position is so dysfunctional Allen Robinson’s stalk is down. Robinson was going between round 4-6 and now I wouldn’t even consider taking him.

In all seriousness, Bortles probably will start, but he hasn’t even been close to hitting Robinson on any of his routes this preseason. Fournette is the only player on this team that fantasy owners should consider having on their roster. If Robinson falls to you at the 7th round or later, then I would consider drafting him with the high hopes of him bouncing back, but the chances are very slim with this quarterback chaos though.


  1. Cutler Will Bring More Fantasy Impact To Dolphins


Miami Dolphins vs Baltimore Ravens pre-season game


This was probably the most anticipated performance of preseason week 2. Cutler went 3/6 with 24 yards. Not much, but he looked pretty good. He appeared to know the offense and took a hit on the surgically repaired shoulder and was fine. He actually looks like he wants to play football, which is refreshing. I fully believe that he makes the Miami Dolphins more fantasy relevant that Ryan Tannehill ever could. Defenses won’t stack 8 in the box because they will have to respect Cutler’s deep ball, weather it’s accurate or not, and that maks Jay Ajayi more fantasy relevant than ever. Ajayi value rises because Cutler loves to throw the football to his RBs and Adam Gase will want to go through Ajayi until Cutler gets 100% comfortable in the offense.

Let’s not forget about the rest of the offense. Jarvis Landry will get his typical numbers, but watch out for DeVante Parker. He had 1 catch for 16 yards, but he was actually targeted! Tannehill would look to the deep ball as a last resort. Parker actually has a chance this year to be extremely fantasy relevant. Cutler loves big receivers and will give Parker opportunities down field just like he did with Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey. All in all, I never thought I would say this about Cutler, but he makes the Dolphins a better football team.


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