10 Things We Learned about Preseason Week 3

  1. Never Trust The Rams offense

For a hot second the Rams looked good in week 2 of the preseason, but then they went back to the typical old rams, horrible offensively. Jared Goff is not the answer. He looked just downright awful. I’m hesitant to draft any players for the Rams simply because of Jared Goff. Sean McVay is a great offensive coordinator, but he’s not a magician.

  1. Brandin Cooks Stock Has Risen

Unfortunately Julian Edelman tore his ACL this past week. He will be tough to replace and I see the Patriots spreading his targets out. Brandin Cooks will be the primary beneficiary of this injury. Most analysts have moved him into the top 10 for wide receivers. I happen to agree, he’s the most talented wide out Tom Brady has had since Randy Moss. Cooks is now in for a career year.

  1. Kareem Hunt Is Going To Be Legit

Man, I’m excited about Hunt. I’m mostly just excited that the Chiefs backfield has finally been figured out, but it came at a cost—Spencer Ware’s PCL. Hunt has looked explosive the entire preseason and now he will get his shot. Fantasy owners should be excited and alert. Hunt is now going in the 4th-6th rounds. Andy Reid always produces a top fantasy running back when he commits to a solo back. Pick Hunt and pick him fast.

  1. Brian Hoyer Could Be A Legit Fantasy Candidate

Kyle Shanahan + Brian Hoyer = Fantasy dominance. Most of the time when people talk about Hoyer it’s jokingly, but let’s take a look at his stats from this past week. He went 12-17, with 176 passing yards, and 2 touchdowns. Let’s not forget that he did this against a potentially top 5 Vikings defense! Hoyer has never really been that bad. I think he’s proven himself to be a solid back up to stream maybe once or twice. Shanahan is a genius when it comes to offenses and quarterbacks so it only makes sense that Hoyer’s numbers would be fantasy worthy, right?

  1. Jamaal Charles Still Has A Hear Beat

Charles showed he still has some spark left in him. The Denver Broncos will have to incorporate him into the offense now since he showed flashes of greatness. He had 4 carries for 27 yards, which came out to 6.8 yards as his average per carry. He added 2 catches for 15 yards as well. C.J. Anderson will get the bulk of the carries, but Charles should see an increase workload over time. I expect him to eventually get 8-12 touches per game.

  1. Cam Newton Will Be Fine

Newton only needed 1 drive and 2 throws to show the world that he’ll be ready for week 1. Newton went 2/2 with 1 touchdown to Kelvin Benjamin. He looked back to form and I wouldn’t expect anything different. He will return to his prestige fantasy numbers and finish among the top 5 for quarterbacks this season. I consider him a steal in the later rounds.

  1. Charges Offense Looks Scary

I was thoroughly impressed with the Los Angeles Chargers offense. Rivers looked great, Gordon looked good, and their WR core looked on point. We will see if their defense allows them to contend this year and hopefully they don’t have any serious injuries. If these 2 circumstances pan out then they will be serious contenders for the division. I love Rivers and Gordon this year as fantasy players. Rivers will throw close to 30 touchdowns and I believe his interceptions will go down significantly.  Additionally, Gordon will had RB1 numbers to the team. Chargers looking good!

  1. Pump The Brakes On Kirk Cousins?

I’m so frustrated and disappointed with the Redskins offense. It’s looked so out of sync. Kelley had a decent game, but Cousins and everyone else looked bad. I’m starting to think that we need to pump the brakes on Cousins and Terrelle Pryor. It doesn’t even seem like Cousins is trying to target him. Crowder seems to be the better value so far. I’m getting nervous when it comes to drafting Redskins this year. Maybe everyone else should be as well.

  1. Saints Backfield Still Undetermined

AP and Mark Ingram went back and forth on carries and no one out-shined the other. They both averaged poor numbers and didn’t get anywhere. I expect these two to duke it out for the first couple weeks to see who will be the prime ball carrier. My heart is telling me AP, but only time will tell. Be aware of the split backfield, I don’t see these two being more than flex plays the first couple games.

      1. Browns Look Better Than Anticipated

The Browns/Bucs game wasn’t anything to special, but DeShone Kizer has possibly put the Browns back on the map. His numbers weren’t the greatest, but he showed that he’s got a strong arm and can get the ball downfield. Corey Coleman and Kenny Britt will have fantasy relevance now and should be good pick-ups in the late rounds. Let’s not forget the running game, Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson look ready to roll. My only fear is that Duke Johnson is looking a little too good and he might cut into Crowell’s workload. Take Johnson as a hand-cuff late if you can.


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